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How to save your laptop from overheating in summer

In summer, we mostly face overheating laptop because of high temperature of our environment and it may be because of fan blockage and may be other reason. But now I will have told you to how to save your laptop from overheating not only in summer but also in winter. There many method and tricks to cool your laptop but which gone I told you these are the best method and tricks and I hope it will help everyone who follow the steps from here.
So here go to the steps of cooling laptop:

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Method 1:
Whenever you use your laptop on desk or anything where your laptop face air blocking then put small book or something like that to below the laptop where your battery plugin. You can also egg tray for your laptop below the four corners and you can also cool your laptop by buying accessories form eBay like that slight tilt for laptop and etc.

Method 2:
For keeping your laptop cool then now you have to go to the online store like eBay, Newegg and etc. to buy cooling mat for laptop but before buying must check the brand should be “Thermaltake, Xion, Targus” and if you not want from online store then go to the nearest store of computer and I hope you should find that accessories and you can also buy riser and computer stand which have ventilation

Method 3:
Always try to keep your laptop in cool condition like keep in air conditioned or using in winter season or in cool area where your laptop system will cool and it also prevent from overheating.

Method 4:
Lower the Maximum processor state and low the brightness of you your laptop and this work for only window you might be able do this on Mac.

Click the battery icon which you find on laptop and screen and then change plan setting and then click advance power setting and after that click processor power management and then maximum processor states and then both set at 70-90%.

·         Mostly people use their laptops on bed, sofa, carpet and other types soft surface if you are one of them then I told you never used your laptop on that things because the vents located on the bottom side of your laptop and it blocked and airflow of laptop is reduced and it cause overheating.
·         Reduce the time on using laptop
If you have had your laptop for a while, then consider replacing its battery
·         Clean your laptop from every type of dust particles
·         Try egg tray for cooling your laptop and for it you have to be place egg tray at the bottom side of the laptop
·         Low the brightness of your laptop
·         Never block ventilation of your laptop
·         Never block fan of your laptop
·         Never put your laptop on your lap

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