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How to Get Rich in Clash Of Clans: Gold, Elixir and Gem

Clash of Clans is a very popular game on both iOS and Android. But everyone wants to rich in this game for that you know you have to need theses more in quantity Gold, elixir and gems and these are the important resources in the game. And theses gold, elixir and gems helped you to upgrade your town hall, defense structure, walls and other thing on the game clash of clans. Whenever you won the clash you get elixir and gold. And gems also help you to speed up anything like you are upgrading anything on clash of clan’s game. You can also buy gold, elixir and gem from game.

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But today I am gone tell you that how to rich in this game by using tricks and tips and important thing is that without spending any money on that so here we go below.

1. For being rich in clash of clans first you have to be remove all trees, rocks. mushrooms by removing obstacles around your base and after doing this you will receive random gem it may be 5 or 10 gems once every so often. And this will help you to being rich in clash of clans.

2. Always put your town hall on the outside of your base it will be possible with farming and one more thing is that always put your storage on the inside in the clash of clan game through this way attackers may be only destroy your town hall and you also get 12 hours shield.
3. always Find inactive player bases on clash of clan’s game,
when you are ready for attack, you will always find
an inactive player and then through and drop your troops for attack like goblins and archers. Drop your troops to their collectors then surrender (unless town hall to snip)

4. Gems is the most important part of the clash of clan’s game it boosts your speed of upgrading and also having much more qualities in this. So now come to the point. how to get gems? You can also buy it from spending your real money but mostly not spend and you can also get gems from gift card but I have trick you can get gem for free by using this app "FreeMyApps”. in this app you have to survey’s, downloading apps and games and playing games/Apps and you get points of that and may be after 2 months your able buy 10$ app store gift card.

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5. Play your SP levels (Single player levels) for earn more gold and elixir.

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