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How to Download iCloud data from your Computer

Today I am going to tell you about how to use your iCloud to your personal computer. iCloud is service which save you photos, videos and other data on cloud and this service you only found on iPhone it automatically sync’s your photo to cloud. there many method and tricks to get iCloud on your computer but the most important method which uses mostly worldwide and one method is “Using the iCloud website” and the second one is “iCloud for window” that all method described below.

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First Method
iCloud Website:

1. First of all, you have to open the iCloud website click here and then login to your iCloud id and password after that you can access your photos, videos and other data from any computer where your login your id from any computer.

2. Now you can load your photo library by clicking on “Photo” but first time it takes some time to load.

3. You can able to see all photos of your devices where you can have enabled iCloud and may be some photos you cannot find which you are taken recently and then wait until that upload to your iCloud.

4. You can see photos with its actual size from browser by clicking the photo.

5. In iCloud website, you have access to delete any data or photo by clicking the “Trash” button.

6. You are also able to select multiple photos which you want delete or download. so, select all photos which you want to delete or download.

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Second Method
iCloud for Window: 

1. First of all, download iCloud for window by clicking here and it will make folder into your pc where it sync’s.

2. After that run installer of your software then click accept license and it start installing and installer you will find in your pc default folder.

3. Installing will take some time to fully install so wait until it complete.

4. After installing and open your software and login your iCloud id and password.

5. You can also launch this software by clicking ⊞ Win button.

6. For sync Photos and photo library and for other data have to check the “Photo” box.

7. I already told you that this software make folder on your computer and it also start download of your photos and it get some time to download for large libraries.

8. You can also able to download or delete photos from iCloud with the help this software.

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