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How to access your computer from iPhone

Today I will tell you about that, how you can access your computer from Your personal iPhone. This thing mostly used in tech companies or Also used parents to focus on children activities on pc that what they are using in computer. There several methods to access any computer and many of that cost one time fees or many of that monthly/annual subscriptions. But there are two most important method which are totally free and for that you have to install host app to your iPhone and as well as install in computer which you want to control. After that you have to configure the app then you will able to control the computer.

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First Method:

TeamViewer is software where you can control your computer through iPhone and this totally free but it has also a paid version for business use and it is compatible for Mac and Window

   Install TeamViewer: Open App Store and after that search “TeamViewer” on search bar bottom on your iPhone screen. After Appearing search result Tap on TeamViewer and after that tape on “Get” and then install TeamViewer.
2.       Registration of TeamViewer: After installing app then open it and then it shows welcome screen and tap computer and contact icon and then tap “New Account” on the right and then complete 3 field which ask you name, email and password.
3.       Install on Computer: After completing all registration process then you have to install same software in computer, mean to say companion of that app must be installed on that all computers which you want control it. For Pc download you have to go this address “” after reaching download page you have to select OS {Window, Mac and Linux} and then download. After download just install
4.       Login to TeamViewer from PC: Open TeamViewer on your PC then you see “computer and contact” click on it. After clicking new window popup and then you have to enter your email & password and then sign In. And repeat this thing on every pc which you want to control. And after login this software run automatically in background.
5.       Control your computer from iPhone: After doing all procedure finally you ready to control your computer from your iPhone.

Second Method:
Chrome Remote:

1.       Install Chrome Browser: if you don’t have chrome browser on your computer then install it now from this link “https:// “
2.       Google Account: After installing Chrome you have to sign In and you find it on top right side of the chrome and click on it and enter your username and password and then proceed it. If you don’t have google account then create it now.
3.       Install Chrome Remote Desktop: Chrome Remote Desktop is extension of the Google Chrome and it is free to use. And it will work on both Window & Mac. Open Web Store on Chrome and click on Search bar and type “chrome remote desktop” and after finding click on “Add to Chrome “button and then click “Add App” on the popup Window.
4.       Remote Connection: Now you have to Launch your extension for enable remote connection and for that you have to open chrome and then clicking on green “Launch App” Button and then screen appear on chrome and after that you click on “Authorize” and then click “Allow” button. Now you have to click “Get Started” button and then Enable Remote Connection. Then create you 6-digit pin and this pin will have used every time when login to your remote computer. After that one popup appear which ask you that “allow program to make changes to your computer” and have to click “Yes”. And then click “Ok” to confirm remote connection have Enabled.
5.       Chrome Remote Desktop in Your iPhone: First you have to open “App Store” and then search for “Chrome Remote Desktop” when search result appear tape on the “Get” button and then install.
Now you all done and now you can control your computer with iPhone

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