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How Google's new Android operating system will be in place?

Google has begun work on a new operating system that is different from Android.

Yes, Google often introduce innovative new platforms, but it hits something new project.

Google's open source operating system that is being designed Fuchsia mobile phones, laptops, computers can do everything in order.

The kernel (system they are part of that memory, manage files and peripheral devices) in the features of the user modes and security models such as the operating system, and it also supports the advanced graphics.

Google's Dart programming language is its heart.
More details have emerged of whom is estimated that Google's new Android operating system is also quite different from iOS.

This would suggest that video in front of the Android or iOS like home screen will not be app icons, but this place will be rectangular sections of the screen down the Home button in the Home Screen Fuchsia must Will be.

In place of the screen to open apps, it would seem to be floating above the Fuchsia down the operating system instead of the battery indicator at the top and yes, he will be present in the Google Assistant.

As has been said that it can also be used in computers and mobile it can also be presented as a replacement for Android and Chrome operating system by Google that is being discussed.
Here you have a mobile device has been tested on the new operating system Google in which you can see the video below.

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