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Govt announces decrease in petrol, diesel prices

Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announces reduction in petrol and high speed diesel prices for the upcoming month.

While a Rs 20 paise per liter of petrol cost, high speed, according to the finance minister has a Rs 60 per liter in the price of diesel, and light diesel oil and kerosene prices have been maintained.

Petroleum product prices apply to 12 pm Wednesday night, while prices of adjustment has been for a month.

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Petrol price to 72 rupees 80 paise, while the prices of new high-speed diesel will cost 81 rupees 40 paise.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) from the price of 3 at 30 bucks and high-speed diesel in petrol price was proposed 2 Rs 43 per liter, but the relief of the proposed prices I did not move.

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OGRA summary was sent by the government to pay the price of 13 rupees 54 and light diesel oil price of kerosene was Rs 28 9 proposed raising money, which was rejected.

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