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Five world's most polluted cities are in South Asia

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In South Asia, five of the ten most polluted cities in the worldThese include the Indian capital New Delhi and Gwalior city in Pakistan's largest city Karachi, the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka and Mumbai.

Filthy Indian capital New Delhi ranked first in the most polluted cities in the list, next to India's historic town Gwalior, third African country, Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, capital city of Mexico and Latin America on the Fourth Mexico City and fifth Pakistan's biggest city of Karachi.

A Latin American country ranked sixth in the list, Haiti Tilak Location Port-au-Prince, Seventh drjypr African island of Madagascar City Anti nanaryuu, the capital of Bangladesh eighth Dhaka, the capital of the Central Asian country Azerbaijan ninth Baku, and tenth Mumbai is a city of India.

What to clean a city can be measuredExperts have determined the factors in this regard .These are issues of environmental pollution, garbage disposal and sanitation sanitation, smoke and harmful gases and pollution levels after natural disasters

This annual list Mercer Health and Sanitation Index, and contains the reports of the World Health orgnization which was reviewed in 1600 and selected cities worldwide in the period from 2008 to 2013.

The first number in the list is the Indian capital of New DelhiThe basic problems of Delhi, the report said, environmental pollution, and it is to be populatedThe river flows into the city was mentioned in the report of floating garbage, and toxic materialsAnother report in geography, growth, and favorable weather has not reached alarming levels of pollution.

The historical city of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, environmental pollution level is much higher than international standardsOf the coal power plants, motor vehicles and smoke of dung used as fuel for cooking.

Ethiopia Addis Ababa city cleaning system is almost absentWaste and wastewater sruh kynkas and infant mortality due to no effective program of cleaning is considerably higherWrote in a website that ayduyyzr trip by dirt and dust in Addis AbabaDrinking water is not easyAddis Ababa is the diplomatic capital of AfricaHowever, there have been some improvements in sanitation in view of the situation in recent two years.

Latin America Country Mexico City Mexico City, the low amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, it is slightly elevated 7350 feet above sea levelOperates daily 36 million motor vehicles on city streets, a large number of which are toxic smoke thrown into the atmosphere that the diesel vehiclesA deep and thick layer of smoke and fog is less air through the city being surrounded by mountains which are covered at all times.

And now to be called the city of Karachi that has lightsMany of the biggest city of Pakistan are very contaminated, and they are surrounded by smoke and fog all the timeThe city has made a major non-active drainage system, garbage is a pile of garbage, the smoke of factories and transport the city's air pollution to dangerous levels.

Puerto au-Prince, Haiti's capital has faced numerous natural disastersSun outbreak of cholera since the devastating 2010 hurricane Matthew and then added to the city's problemsPoor sanitation and drainage systems are a major cause of pollution here.

The reports of the antenna Review of Madagascar are polluted city in the world that rapid increase in problem industries and population, is not implementing the rules of sanitation and pruning large trees.

Bangladesh capital anytun the presence of holes in the city, said a report by the World Bank of Dhaka, industries and transport not respect the rules, and the water has reached high levels of environmental pollution.

Major cause of pollution in Mumbai city of India in the list and diesel motor vehiclesIn addition, waste, and pollution in the city is expanding coal burning plastic.
The list of Iraq in Baghdad on 11 th, 12 th, 13 th grade Kazakhstan city of Almaty is a city of Congo Brazzaville, Chad ndjymyna City on 14th and 15th the city of Tanzania masonry.

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