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Find your lost phone hidden features of Google

If the idea is to lose your smartphone experience that is so painful if you have to.

Of course, if they were not stripped Silent but if it is not possible to find a phone to call and have to find enough.

Fortunately Google has prepared a simple and rapid method that can easily find lost smartphones at home or office, but most people are not aware of it.

It is too easy the first to Google and make sure that your phone is registered with the Google Account sign-on.

And then enter it by typing in the search bar Where's my phone?

You will get a map before and would later appear on your phone's location.

And yes, if you call or after the phone's location to be missing in Silent state office on the color-carrier, it will be done so that we can move on to full volume and Silent Bell.

It is part of the Google Device Manager and you can erase the contents of the sat phone lock or, even if the phone is off, you will need is a computer and an Internet connection in order to lock or at least they clean so that your data privacy is protected.

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