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Find your lost phone from the Google app

If you lost your mobile phone can easily Unfortunately no easy task to find him again, but now came to the front to help a Google app users.

Of your lost or stolen Android phone, you can also search Google from anywhere app finder Mai device or erase its data.

If this feature was previously available but can be named Android Device Manager, which was in addition to your phone's location on Google search data to the web browser clear its color ring or device.

But now Google says Android users can also use this option through this app.

Most Android devices, this app is filled with the work you have to have location features online after logging into the Google account.

Some phones that security features are preventing him from working to go Google, and security of your settings in the new Android device, Android Device Manager section below have by default enabled to go Locator feature, so that the data clean to 'Allow remote lock and erase' to make them portable.

Google Settings app for phones with Android Device Manager on the go, turn data by clicking on the 'Allow remote factory reset' to clear.

To use this app, you link should go to the Google Play store installed on a device like a phone or tablet to him.

Now log in with your Google account, which then asked for permission to use location data to Mai-finder device that can turn your yes.

After login you will see a dashboard which will come to the location where your phone, play a sound, lock the device data will also be present to clear the Erase Device option.

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