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Facebook has filed 50 new games introduced

Facebook has announced to introduce the game to customers who use their Messenger, Photo, File
SAN FRANCISCO:  Facebook has announced 50 famous games for users who will be able to use your Messenger users 20 billion game to use Messenger every month.
Although the games were held in the Messenger app introduced last year, but so far they were undergoing trial before the beta testing phase of the launch. I will be 50 Game Play with friends via your app to use Messenger in Word Games, eight ball pool, Pac-Man, solitaire, Snack, Phnom Kate, Cooking Mama, cut to shape, Mars Rover, Tomb Runner, Tower include match, Brick pop, slope slider, master archer, bnju, suduku and other games. You will now be able to play these games with friends around the world.
Facebook spokesman said it was fun, that competitiveness and social way by which you will be able to challenge your friends and happy. Choose for Messenger, click on the plus sign beside the text box and the option at any game to game or the game can only be started by touching the finger. These include the arcade game of the decade of 80 and 90 and the space in which such gylga anuydrz. This game will more be impressive for those who play games on arcade machines 30 years ago.
This Facebook games, will be able to play as Messenger and Messenger at the same site, and the issue will be soon. Facebook has announced that it will introduce more Instant games with time.

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