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Facebook add new emoji of Flower for Mother’s Day

Popular social networking site Facebook has added a "reaction" in response to the status option.

Earlier, when we used Like any post on Facebook 6 different emoji had appeared, including anger, sadness, joy, love, wonder, laughter and signs of thumb for conventional Like included.

However, it is now adding another Emoji Like the option called "gratitude" which appears in the form of a flower.

The idea that does not include the 'Dislike' option of Emoji Like this home Facebook.

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The status for which part of the process of integrating the new Facebook button Reaction to create new ways for consumers to express their feelings.

Remember that Facebook periodically the status and the reaction is brought changes regarding the option button for the process, anyway States to express their feelings on last year 'Mothers Day' is not new obey this flower the flowers had been introduced, but later it was removed from Facebook.

However, it would be premature to say that this option will be present permanently or be removed again after Mothers Day.

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