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Energy drinks can cause heart attack and stroke

Washington:  US experts have warned that energy drinks can increase the random beating of your heart and blood pressure temporary.

Including Pakistan over the world becoming conscious riba increase the use of energy drinks that have been confirmed by a study of energy drinks effect is slightly different from caffeine drinks and can also increase the blood pressure.

Experts also said that it is these drinks increases blood pressure, which can be sustained for a long time.

American Heart Association in the research from the Association of 18 individuals have been added to the 40 years that drinking energy drinks in large numbers and their 15 percent daily drinking 3 cans of energy drinks. Those in the 2 groups distributed by half to 320 mg caffeine, 108 hot Chinese herbs containing a drink, a drink when the rest of the 320-mg caffeine, 40 ml green lemon juice and 140 mm cherry syrup carbonated water were mixed.

Those who have more caffeine in the energy drinks, such as when taking blood pressure over the next 6 hours Location was drunk that ECG shows that those who have energy drinks work in their heart cavity interval was between 10 milliseconds the heart rate increased.

States that were less people in the study Heart Association spokesman said based on research that does not even cover the victims of different ages and diseases. It is believed that energy drinks can use mature and healthy individuals. The spokesman said that the heart failure is random and it can also cause a potential risk of heart attack and stroke.

The California USA F. The Medical Center expert woman said that the effect of energy drinks is different from other caffeine-containing beverages and soft drinks, the heart and blood pressure of the patient avoids completed and remaining healthy even use very small amounts.

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