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Does Inverter AC's help in saving electricity

This is the old problem that you need to avoid the heat of the sun and warm weather, but AC is a very heavy burden to budget. But the restructuring and technology innovation we get rid of this problem, it is possible to enjoy the benefits without any of the poor today.

AC inverter technology can reduce electricity costs, provide more comfort and saves money in less time.

Air Conditioning Is this the end of the inverter and how it differs from existing technology? Let's take a look:

We are the general need your room temperature (eg 25 ° to thermostats, we are on grade). According to our desire to get the temperature of the compressor is to run at a fixed speed that is the highest speed, which is also the most power-consuming.

Temperature thermostat turns the compressor trips on reaching the desired level and the blowers like walking too slowly. Our room if the room degrees in the path of the leak (hot air comes from inside) temperature suddenly rises. As a result, the thermostat compressor and running again gives us the instructions to restore the desired temperature.

Ideally should be beneficial phenomenon compressor trip when the compressor is not running because we're using less electricity.

Inverter technology has changed this way: run the compressor is controlled by varying the speed of the device that operates from a DC power source.

In plain language, if the room temperature is stable to drive the compressor motor speed and feel. If the room temperature is higher than the compressor will run faster. If the temperature drops compressor speed is also falling.

This technology does not ever trip to the compressor, but also keeps it appropriate speed to maintain the desired cooling. Such a compressor is reducing the use of electricity during the start.

AC inverter are expensive but do not meet the cost through efficient cooling. Due to the low volatility of the electricity cost.

Inverter AC electric bills decrease by 30%, but temperature environment, kulnt gas type, motor type and for other technical parts, this rate may go up to 50 per cent.

Things like this make the inverter AC low voice, very low errors and more reliable than the old AC units with low power use and effective.

For example, a 1.5 kW rating is 7.0 A non-inverter AC inverter and AC who spent amperes rating of 2.6 kW, 3.0 kW works between the (0.9) to 2.8 amperes draws. If a non-AC inverter 8 hours spent running 10 units, while spending only 4 unit’s AC inverters so after walking for a while.

We have just spent an inverter AC power to run the unit price of Rs 720 per month if the 6 per unit is a non-AC inverter Rs 1,800 monthly spending power. This way you are saving Rs 1,080 per month.

If that is an inverter AC at a cost of Rs 1 lakh and ratings and is a non-inverter AC 65,000 rupees for cooling, then received back only three years, the cost of the inverter AC.

If you say, inverter AC are expensive compared to the old models, you are right. But the fact is that if you can spend and save their money, so long as enough money in exchange for your AC inverter.

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