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Disney's new film threatens to online release

Los Angeles: Hollywood in the fresh wave of cyber attacks on American filmmaker Walt Disney Company will remain safe from the hackers also come under assault.

Disney chief Bob aygr US media reported that hackers have claimed to hack up a movie under the Disney banner and took the heavy demand ransom money with Disney Studios. The hackers who stole his movie, but he said the company will not attempt macle mailing French news agency reported, according to Disney boss has not told.

Cyber ​​criminals 20 minutes duration of five minutes and the second part of the movie in the US film company is threatened if the amount of the ransom online currency is not the case bit pardon when they first phase, according to media reports the film will be released on the Internet.

While its non-released Disney movie is engaged with the administration to get federal agents from online hackers Lex's monitoring work is being done.

Disney after US media reported the hack from movie studios head is estimated to be engaged in that film which could be hacked.

Some websites say that hack the Movie May 26 release of the Pirates of the Caribbean series of new part 'Dad Man taillights nine tails, the film Reuters and may have stolen that expressed comments on Twitter the film "Cars III ' may be, which is scheduled for release next month.
AFP could not get the reaction of the Walt Disney Company on these reports.

The attack that Internet streaming website, Netflix came after cyber attacks, hackers would attack the 'Orange book The New Black', a program of 10 episodes had been leaked.

These are also the Cyber ​​Systems last week that banks in different countries around the world, hospitals, large corporations and government ayjsyan remains the target of hackers who exploit flaws in Microsoft computer operating system is guilty.

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