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Discovery of the virus in the Google Play Store

The presence of virus in Internet devices is nothing new, but if such devices are in a dangerous virus could pose a threat to everyone.
A Multinational Company of the United States to investigate the hacking cybercrime and Internet virus exists in the Google Play Store is revealed.
Check Point Software Technologies has released the virus, according to the company in November 2016 in the Google Play Store.
The company also said in his blog that the virus Falls Guide 40 mobile applications in the Google Play store from the applications, which have affected millions of users and devices.
The company claimed that the virus has so far infected Falls Guide 6 million users and 20 million devices worldwide.

Gaming applications were most affected by the virus, Screenshot
Check Point's Falls Guide contains a virus gaming and guide applications, as soon as it is downloaded to the applications ask for details of similar viruses Download loading, the users understand that these applications requirements, but in fact they have the virus.
The British media after the discovery of the virus in the Google Play Store that removed the virus.

US agency said in its report that this virus is not how many and which countries were affected.
The company said it is not clear how the virus left and why, however, believe that the virus may have been left to hack Web sites or access to them.
The company said in January that Google had identified the virus in the Play Store, the company had also issued a list of mobile apps in its report in January, which were found.

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