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Benefit of drinking raw milk, Useful or harmful to the health?

Drinking raw milk for health, which can be destroyed.

It came in a clinical study in the United States.

US Center for Disease Control and prevention research of the raw milk may increase the risk of serious stomach disorders resulting from drinking.

Raw milk according to research that are harmful bacteria that cause severe food poisoning.

During the research it was confirmed that 750 people had to be admitted to hospital several of which have become ill as a result of drinking raw milk on average.

The researchers say that the milk to be used without risk of diseases due to bacteria in the fermentation is extended up to 96 percent.

The milk is boiling removes the bacteria, but gives the drink E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter opportunity to enter the body without causing much greater risk of food poisoning.

This study medical journal published in the journal Emerging Infectious Disease.

The Pakistan Council for Science and Industrial Research (PCS IR) has been reviewed samples of ultra-high temperature (UH) and milk Sterile 16 brands across told the National Assembly in January were able, of which only 6 brands of milk used.

Open questions were examined 16 brands of milk and milk of the Supreme Court, Federal Minister Rana Tanveer science and technology during the session in response to a written reply to the House.

The UH T aulprz including category brands, Nestle Country Pack, Day Fresh, good country, Noor Pur test were original and full cream Haleeb minister said.

According to Rana Tanveer country except Haleeb found UH All milk tea brands, found that the amount of Shigar in Haleeb farmln and cans.

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