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9 Golden Rule of the success

Success to achieve and happiness of life is the desire of every human right, but a series of phased efforts to ambitious journey that fixed by the finds proof of human achievement, like writing a few basic rules and tips listed who are going to be disappointed and may change based dishearted for humans.

1. Success is happiness
Learn to smile and be happy and leave complaints. Think of what you want and who love you, what they want? Well I think and decide and then start working. Anyone can say anything, think, how same conditions, we continue to work hard. Time itself will prove successful.

2. Peace, prosperity and  happiness 
Some people some spiritual matters, even though success is the sum of these two are considered successful pursuit of money. Understanding this important point.

3. Success, your own attitude
Remember, no one can achieve the appearance of success, until they could not get the mental success. The first and essential step to ensure success to success. Your attitude is your leader.

4. Learn , understand, write, based on knowledge
The behavior knowledge is the key to success. Any access at work can be obtained at the same time, when complete knowledge about it. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge. Another benefit from the experience and learning in a way to hear it. Knowledge is said to be strongly or more.

5. Mercy, tribulations,  successes 
I do not often get the results he hopes that favorable conditions have patience, endurance and consistency destination. Hard work ahead will not stop on this floor and has grown, he has succeeded.

6. Failures are key to success 
People are often afraid of failure, they go back or change the route. Remember, the failures, successes. Learn from them, and move forward from right things and habits.
7. Continued success
Rejoice success is good, but happiness is success, but success is to understand the ignorance and folly. Life is a constant struggle, do not forget this is the case and the principle of successes and failures.

8. Wake up, for success
Think is good. I think the understanding is weakened very good thing but too much to think decisions. Better than to waste time, to pass. Will win, or will result in learning.

9. Successful person, bright stars
Successful man, are like bright stars. Which causes light rays of hope in the hearts of thousands. Learn from their company is so successful and if the humans.
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