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8 habits boosting thirst during fasting in Ramadan

Month despite three liters of water daily from the start of Ramadan and a half has been an increase in body heat could be the victim of wishful thinking.

But you know what are the causes of this decline in the body's water?

In fact, it can make you prone to dehydration of the body during a few common habits that fast.

1. Ignoring season
You may be surprised that the weather is much effect on your body, affect water levels in the body changes in the weather. If it affects the environment around you sweat so much drier and have an impact on water requirements needed by the body for the day. Straight talk is much more sweat will have much effect on the respiratory variation in the quality of water in the body will reduce the air and cause respiratory water out through the exit and wishful thinking. Start the day time to avoid it or make it a habit to drink 8. glass of water at night.

2. Do not believe me
Our skin is an organ of the body and the sun (visible) rays while reducing the water level in the body is affected. The increase in age is ever struggled to keep the balance of moisture for the skin to avoid the sun during Ramadan is very important.

3. Distance balanced diet
Grains, protein, fruit and vegetable-rich diet is the key to a healthy body, but silence is also affected by the level of water in the body throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables are full of water can be achieved, especially cucumbers, watermelons and other melons, etc., help them to increase the water level in the body as a part of their diet in Ramadan. The body out carbohydrates in the diet seems to suffer quietly wishful thinking. Porridge, commodity-based pasta and brown rice is helpful in this regard.

4. Too much travel
Now to be for work or leisure, can lead to the danger of the habit of wishful thinking to travel, when you walk out routine are your eating habits affected first and most health damage is less harmful goods are used, use the same water that has been so drastically reduced during Ramadan.

5. Not read medication labels
Are numerous drugs and urine and increase the risk of wishful thinking which takes you around the bathroom. If you want to know what medications you are using and aware of their side effects via the label on each bottle.

6. Every time hunting tension
Stress affects the kidneys, glands and consequently regulate the levels of water and minerals in the body, which is discharged from an overdose of a harmunayldustyrun causing tension. This means that high salt levels in kidney hormone is released which is growing remove the urine from the body and the sound of falling water.

7. Use junk food
When you know how much urine the body is filled with salt and wishful likely to increase, rather than the latest objects of junk food fast.

8. Tea or coffee
One or two cups of coffee or tea during Ramadan, then the right, but these drinks cause overdose more urine and remove excess water in the body that, as has already been mentioned. If tea or coffee during use less water and more lemon if it is better to prevent than wishful thinking but will not bother feeling of thirst during fasting.

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