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8 best programming languages which you should learn 2017

8 Programming languages You should learn:

If it would not be wrong to say that the current era of technology and continue to reason that every time a new device is not exposed.
But these devices do not run any software and any one of a specific programming language (language).
Indeed there are, but some are much more than thousands of other Languages.
If a career in the technology sector is to have some popular Languages can be guaranteed to learn and use bright future.
There has been mention of a programming languages which makes it extremely easy to achieve, but not impossible job skills should also be a billionaire by developing their programs.

  1. Java:

It was the programming language was developed in 1991, which called it the smart television tongue. This program produced by Oracle company still honors the most popular programming language in the world is with you, it is necessary to create a number of posts including software for Android app development is a lot of work skills

  2. C Programming:

Languages some old programming is still very much in use, it was created in the early 1970s to the 1978 came into common use in the manual.


This programming language was developed in 1989 that quickly became popular thanks to its readable codes, it is the easiest programming language for many programmers believe that the young career.

  4. pHp:

This is the English website of normal use but contains a third Web sites for programs like Word Press, used by Facebook and Yahoo.

  5. Visual Basic:

The next version of Microsoft Visual Basic and was introduced to simplify programming with Visual Basic .NET graphics, it is quite old but still very much its users.

  6. Javascript:

This is the most popular programming language that is used in Web apps, go on several websites nowadays, but browsing is also a source of many security problems as well as to slow down.

  7. Go Programming:

Mainly English was developed in order to provide the necessary power for the Google search engine, but it is the center of attention of developers and is one of the fastest growing programming 

  8. Swift Programming:

Swift App for iPhone apps programming language is the quickest and easiest way to assist in the preparation, if English is helpful if you want to make a career in iPhone apps.

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