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6 foods which keep you save from heat in summer

Using cold foods and beverages to avoid heatstroke in the summer is very important.

The summer when we are facing many problems. Becomes abnormal increase in body temperature from the sun, heat and because of it and because of the lack of water in the body and other diseases faced is that the most important thing in the summer to keep us think the right diet for use in food and drink things that we can avoid many problems.
Is also a risk of heatstroke in the summer, so to keep the amount of water in the body is very important and should do more for drinks? So, you are going to tell a few drinks and foods which you can not only use the heat from the body, but also can meet the required amount of water.

Kerry K syrup: 

The summer season is crucial for Kerry syrup to cool the body, the parts that are helpful in reducing body temperature.

Lemon water:

Lemon is also essential water use during the summer, lemon saves not only water, but use a heat stroke the body maintains glucose levels. Health experts say that in the summer daily glass of lemon 2 must use water.

Coconut water:

According to health experts daily in the summer should drink coconut water 2 to 3 times because it is not only due to a lower body temperature but is also rich in minerals.


Use onions in the summer because it is also very helpful in prevention are therefore sure to take the components of the onion with daily salad or sauce.


Health experts say that the use of butter in the summer and it is also helpful to avoid heatstroke, so we should use Lucy.


Provides important minerals the body use during the summer season, which are helpful in preventing Take the plum are lost from sweat.

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