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6 Best Foods - For Mental Health

We always talk about heart health or hear, but what about mental health?

Our brain is also needed much attention and take care of his health through correct diet so that they may be able to think clearly, to energy, to the extent possible and to focus better.

In an era when the world is increasing brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia rates, we must consider the choice of healthy foods for the brain young.

But do you know what the best diet for the brain? If not, increase the use of the following foods can improve your mental health.

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1. Green vegetables

Green vegetables are the best choice for overall health, there are other beneficial ingredients including anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins and numerous nutrients There are vegetables you have to make spinach, herbs and other vegetables such. However, that day, they must be eaten once a week should be included in your diet.

2. Omega three fatty acids cannot turn away from

Omega three fatty acids is one of the best ingredients given the power to increase mental health and strength. If you want to keep your brain functions best in every age should be an integral part of your diet. Use twice a week DHA is named for mental health.

3. Enjoy berries and cherries

The strawberry or blackberry, blue berry berry or juice, these are the best means of achieving the Anthocyanin and flyunuyydz that help create a healthy mind. It is used in fruit fresh, frozen or dry any case this proves to be excellent for mental health.

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4. Remember the nut

I use it daily in small quantities also gives protection to other diseases, including diabetes and obesity.

5. Seeds or peas

Black or white peas, are the best means of achieving magnesium, which is part beneficial to raspatory brain cells, are stretched messages delivery speed, while opening the blood vessels more blood supply to the brain help.

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6. Turmeric

This starch is generally used for meals throughout Pakistan which is rich in anti-oxidant to protect from inflammation, turmeric is the brain of harmful ingredients or destructive beta amyloids levels help prevent the progression of the Alzheimer cause disease. According to medical experts note that the increase in the formation of new brain cells.

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