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5 interesting and delicious way to eat watermelon

Fruits like watermelon in the summer not less than a blessing, which will probably like the feeling around.

Fire does not like pouring water melon season in our body, like nice people eager to eat the fruit, it is not just like the fruit of the heat, but significant fruit.

But if you consider one thing they watermelon is a popular fruit but is eaten in different ways, it is fed off or is swallowed by making the syrup, but like apples , such as banana and mango fruit is the 
unique way in other dishes like watermelon was not found in food.

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So here are some tips given in watermelon can be eaten in a unique way.

1. The appetizer watermelon (eat as appetizer dish):

The food is not easy and we are in a dish the watermelon for everyone, but if you put a watermelon in the right way of course it will take quite delicious, eat before you eat watermelon to mint and lemon, make sure fun will be enhanced.

2. Watermelon salad:

Watermelon can be given feta cheese, olives, mixed salad with oranges and apples shape, its light sweetness will certainly take a lot of delicious food.

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3. Watermelon Sorbet:

Watermelon Sorbet does not allow water in the body, the heat is no better drink it, you can also add mint or lemon juice in it which is fun and will grow.

4. Then fried watermelon:

Will never watermelon as a dish, however, Asian cuisine are the sauces and the like sweetness, that watermelon is an excellent idea to add to dishes.

If you cut the watermelon like potato chips and fry the melon they'll remember the end of the dish to keep it fun.

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5. Melon ice cream:

Water melon in the ice cream can shape it, now you are just a taste of lime or melon, it will be the best in both style sweet ice cream.

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