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122 $ million penalty on Facebook

Brussels:  the pay of the European Union in subsidiaries to monitor the competitive issues, the European Commission, in terms of the popular social media platform that penalties ordered Facebook 11 million euros ($ 12 million to 20 million) It's time to buy WhatsApp work in 2014 was misrepresentation.

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In 2014, according to Facebook WhatsApp buy at the European Commission that WhatsApp and Facebook is not possible to link together the technical and will not happen in the future, but a new in August last year WhatsApp account through feature has been connected to Facebook.

This after the European Commission to introduce feature proceedings against Facebook has and has been ordered to pay over the investigation 110 million Facebook completed (11 million) Euro penalty because he lied in the past I took the job.

The purpose of such heavy fines, says the European Commission to show that the companies operating in Europe can have serious consequences for their misrepresentation. The technicians said that during the investigation of Facebook has been fined due to less support from the European

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Commission which may otherwise worth more than $ 270 million.

The provision of false information in 2014 was a mistake which I had no intention of interfering.

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