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11 mistakes to avoid when you leave a job

When it was not you wish to leave a job can be a challenging process. However, if you want to build a successful career kyamkanat try to avoid these errors.

1. Avoid the 'play'
I do not need your services the company now has told you. Your cry of, whether heart to be angry or you may not get the job but would request an opportunity to practice better strategies to keep your 
emotions under control.

2. The company intends to steal or damage
Do not try to take it, but you may not judge or punish any mistake you suffer revenge. To take things to the office or to harm them is a bad plan. This will affect your reputation and maybe another company will not give you the job. In the worst case, perhaps you might go to jail.

3. Affordable notice period
People should not remember your successes, but they will certainly remember your cheap these days.

4. Quit Project
After you will go and work on your project. They will evaluate the unfinished tasks that are so prafysnl and so would your reputation in the industry.

5. Back to critical data and equipment
Be sure to back up critical data and equipment and get clearance in this regard. Clearance to reach all concerned have a responsibility to you.

6. All transactions have cleared
Before leaving office may recoup their money back if they are medical bills or travel expenses. It will be difficult to do after leaving the job. When possible before they sign off.

7. Criticize
You will be interviewed before, but this time taking his anger or frustration. You can reach the 'constructive criticism' harm you or your teammates why he can not get the impression that the job when you are silent. The only thing that was done to your features are better and your team.

8. To discuss the future job
Do not share your future plans with the people working with him. I want it to be about the offer of a job or the interview. "Excellent job talking about, would give rise to negative perceptions of your colleagues and you might not ever become issues if the new job, you may have to face the embarrassment.

9. To speak ill of the boss
Not to sit on the tea table Team for the Mets with former colleagues or manager may seem attractive, but it is. You will say that it can be discussed at the place of your work later. In addition, during interviews in the future, you will be asked about leaving the old job and if they like your old boss who fold the better feedback about what the consequences will have to suffer for you .

10.  Making misleading C V
I exaggerated the potential in the new company can take the advantage however in this case very carefully. Most companies and other sources to investigate the information provided by you and if I something went wrong you will not only lose her job but may have to face difficulties on other sites Is.

11. To hate
Malice of any kind at heart out of office or have no grudge. Please keep clean last conversation with their colleagues in the office so that all the forces of the past that I spend on your new job.

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