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10 benefits of Strawberry and it is not less than superfood

I see it as pretty as the rich red fruit so beneficial for physical health.

If you do not like your strawberry in her own list today, because it is not only delicious and full of sap, but not in any way super food.

Take vitamin C to numerous anti oxidant’s cause numerous health benefits of strawberries and some of them will surprise you.

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1. Enhance physical defense system

According to medical expert’s strawberry is the best source of vitamin C, the body does not have the ability to make this vitamin and therefore it is very important to get food form, the vitamin C, physical defense and powerful. According to a study by the University of California, if a few weeks of daily strawberries to be used in small quantities it becomes a part of the anti-oxidant force blood.

2. For eye health

Anti oxydant may be helpful in the prevention of disease of rich strawberry pearl, which is in danger of being blind in old age. Our eyes are conveying that vitamin C is required to avoid the effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays that damage proteins and blinds the eyes of vitamin C also works to strengthen
the eye.

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3. Useful against cancer

Vitamin C is an element that is helpful for preventing cancer. According to a research part ellagic acid found in strawberries have anti-cancer properties and prevents the growth of cancer cells.

4. Protection from wrinkles

It is also important for the production of vitamin C in strawberry that helps improve the skin's elasticity and softness, age reduces kulygn levels with increasing the use of rich in Vitamin C Skin is healthy and helps make young, vitamin C as well as ellagic acid in strawberries also prevents the removal of the reaction kulygn and swelling, and both factors contribute to wrinkles.

5. Resistance to bad cholesterol

One of the major causes of heart disease deaths worldwide, there is also the ability to improve heart health in strawberry. ellagic acid and flyuunuyydz do provide anti oxydant effect which lead to improve the health of the heart, blood vessels, which are condensed to counter the effects of bad cholesterol in the blood. Used in food strawberry according to a Canadian study gives protection from heart disease and diabetes.

6. Reduce swelling

Reduce the effect of the anti-oxydant and other pairs of infections a Strawberry
may prove helpful as possible. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health that women at risk of
infection in the joints of the match 16 or more strawberry each week is reduced to 14%.

7. Help control blood pressure

Blood pressure, bad cholesterol and protect it from infection called one of the best fruits for a healthy heart.

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8. Increase fiber in the body

Fiber is essential to digest food and involves some amount of naturally strawberry. Lack of fiber in the body, resulting in constipation and intestinal worm which poses the risk of facing old holiday is 50 percent in the decade. Fiber Type II diabetes also struggle because they slow down the process of absorption of sugar in the blood.

9. Useful for body weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is the best defense against diabetes type II and cardiovascular diseases, strawberries are naturally low calorie fruits, which are not fat and salt and little amounts of natural sugar, which physical to help maintain normal weight.

10. During transport helpful

It is generally advisable to use a variety Folate and B vitamins for pregnant women and strawberry are the best means of achieving this. Folate in preventing certain birth defects are considered to be part of the early stages of a child's brain, skull and spine pregnancy and strawberry use may help as possible.

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