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Zong and signed between UBL

Zong and UBL between signing the contract under the bank credit card customers and employees will be provided with broadband devices on the outright purchase of broadband bundles 12 months:

Islamabad (April27,2017) Pakistan’s best 4G network Zong anchor bank United Bank Limited UBL between was signed yesterday in mobile broadband devices supply of out sourcing contract under which bank credit Key customers and employees will be provided with mobile broadband devices on the outright purchase of mobile broadband

Bundles 12 months This offer ZongBolt, Bolt and Bolt Plus has been introduced for ultra-devices. The purpose of this agreement is to promote business activities through Zong high, wide and strong 4G network across the country. Zong providing assistance in other areas, including the country main industrial sectors including transportation, banking, health care, education, energy is determined to expand .its product portfolio It is worth mentioning that Zong 4G services at the highest across the country .zong available in more than 300 cities of 31 million 4G customers have reduced our state market is the 75 percent share of .3 G and the total number of users of 4 G second, in terms of Zong Zong proved its mettle over the years. Last 9 in US $ 2.5 billion investment in the country's modern services and faster internet users in Pakistan in respect of 200 hy.zpng Ni 2017 million dollar has announced additional .investment from all cell sites will be transferred to 4G.

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