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UTorrent will soon be used in browser

The number of users is 150 million UTorrent.
UTorrent Toronto is the most popular client, with 150 million users. The most excellent feature was .introduced 5 years ago Version 3.0 via an update Founder of uTorrent Braham Cohen promised that soon will be many more changes in uTorrent. Dylamr Braham and his cousins Bob and Jeremy Johnson, who is co-CEO of Toronto-bit, started by Maelstrom.

The project's aim was to introduce Toronto browser. According to Braham project is now apparently over hy.brahm will now get to say that Toronto will soon introduce in the browser, but it will be that users are using the browser first. Indeed, according to Braham Maelstrom is over, but  .many will also include features such as live streaming soon Utorrent Use Utorrent after the shift in browser will be more convenient, then users cannot use it while it is difficult to understand the current Cloud uTorrent. Thanks to the browser to show more ads for .uTorrent the move will also benefit.

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