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Samsung Galaxy 8 also facing problems

 Samsung fylg at your new smartphone, the Galaxy S 8, which wasreleased this month battery explosion explode if not, they must suffer a problem.

Use it to users who complained that Samsung Galaxy S is more reddish hue to 8 displays a fleet of beauties who drowned photos and videos. If red go red and the lowest to be displayed in a mobile setting remains intact.
The good news is that Samsung has found a solution to this problem. The company spokesman said the changed software of the colors to eliminate unnecessary Title screen of Galaxy S 8 will be available to customers in the form of an additional upgrade the end of this month.
After this update Samsung Galaxy S 8 users will be able to reach even the lower level almost absent from the current range of colors is red, when it will be able to change their calculations.
Although Samsung spokesman said in a statement his company was satisfied with the changes to please your customers, but it's never this new smartphone Galaxy s8

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