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Samsung and free internet for one month supply with Galaxy S8 and S8 share plus jazz

Karachi (April 28, 2017) Samsung and jazz users Galaxy S8 result of this collaboration between announced a partnership to launch a flagship device Galaxy S8 and S8 plus Pakistan both companies and S8 plus your jazz could be achieved in retail outlets close to Rs 87 thousand and 97 thousand respectively customers also be able to benefit from free file G and LTE Internet .access for a month to purchase the two smartphones Samsung is counting on Pakistan and Afghan President said in this regard JH Lee that a large number of users prefer smartphones in urban areas Samsung, we have to launch two new devices from Samsung in Pakistan's leading mobile network work is shared with jazz and we hope that it was useful to our users huga.ja prayers Mohammad Wali Khan, head of data and devices and Samsung shared between jazz is a very important development and is an important step towards the digital revolution in his country .Poster clean the preparation with standard and innovative devices .Committed to satisfy the fan is working.

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