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Is your website constantly running?

It's also a responsibility of webmasters that run websites not close supervision. These may be their personal websites and websites of the company or organization for which they work also. It is no consolation to the ongoing website; software applications can be used and any online service. The online service after a certain. time is required to check the web site, if the site is not open to the webmaster via e-mail or mobile messaging aware of this situation

For this purpose, we have in this tutorial will use the service. You can customize it if you want to find a service the following screen shot with the. help of search engines.

. Click on the Sign-Up link on the website's homepage. Please provide information on the registration form appears.

Login to the website registration come in after the dashboard. And then you could be closing the Monitor button to the website of the profile you want to receive.

Provide the following information in the form according to its website screen shot, and finally do not forget to select the Alert check box. Create Monitor button on. the website's profile will be clicking, and then Uptime Robot service will start to check your site every five minutes

On the left side of the dashboard screen will present a list of websites you have made monitoring profiles. Clicking on the icon in front of a small website will appear. on the Settings link. In the right section Latest downtime, the information will be there when it was off site.

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