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Do You Know Why Your Laptops Battery Draining Fast ?


If I ask you that which part of laptop use more battery? Then I fully sure that you answer must be “Display”. Display is the enemy of our every laptops battery. If you want to boost your laptops battery or want more life battery then first you have to low the brightness of laptops Display who is our first enemy of laptop battery. One more thing that is you can adjust brightness of window 10 or mac book from keyboard.

There is also more setting where you can adjust brightness of your laptop.

Change setting of Display:

First open the system preferences then click the brightness tab and then you see the slide of brightness where you low brightness for long battery life and if you are not setting on open sun light then you also easy to see the desktop.

If you want see text of your laptop on sun light then you have to be high brightness of laptop and for that just see blow of brightness tab you found the option “Automatically adjust brightness” and after this may be battery life improve or maybe not. If your office or room are already brighter than it’s good to off this option “Automatically adjust brightness”. Better is that manually do the brightness laptop high or low.  And if you working room and where light is dim then you free check the check box.

Windows 10:

If you are worry about your battery timing on window 10 then first go to “Control Panel” and then “Hardware and Sound”. Then you see that already activated plan like balanced or Power saver.
Activate high performance plan in one condition when you are playing games on it or you are using any high graphical app. There are one more setting of power and display for that click Home Button
After that click on setting button and then click system button then click on Display Then you see the slide of adjusting brightness After that click on Battery Saver To turn ON you have to toggle the switch. If you have already done that then switch color have grey if not then turn on after that unplugged your laptop to run on battery power and toggle switch will be activate. Batter saver is the new feature in window 10 which limited the background activity and it give notification for improving battery life.

By default, batter saver will on that time when you batter is lower than 20%. Go on battery saver setting check the check box of “Lower screen brightness while in battery saver” it will improve your batter life.

In the last go on left side of bio menu and click on Power and Sleep and choose the time of your window 10 to screen off and go to the sleep mode because of it your battery will be save for any wasted use.

Keyboard Lighting:

Keyboard lighting is also reason fastest draining of battery life. First of all, if you not need of keyboard light then never turn on that light.

Wireless and other Hardware:

If you want long battery timing of your laptop then turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you are not using.

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