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Do You Know Which Harmful Disease Attack On You Because Of Facebook ?

Now days there is much more craze of Facebook in our young generation. When you walk on road and see in your home everyone fallen in the addiction of Facebook. Because of social network peoples are habited for Jealousy and Unhappy and this is a very bad sign.


May be you don’t know but today you will know about in this Article.

In recent research of university of Copenhagen proved that use of Facebook directly effect on the brain. And in the result we attacked by stress of mind or something like tension.  There no doubt social network like Facebook, twitter which connect us all and this is a good thing but much more use of it harms to our minds.

Research of University:

University of Copenhagen research on 1095 peoples. Where half people had an instruction that they will try to forget there Facebook use and away from it. And other side they said to the half of peoples to continue their use on Facebook. After the completion of research they got a result something like it. Those people which was not use Facebook they less unhappy they got improvement on them. But those people who was using Facebook they was unhappy.

The Researcher Martin Hult was said that when we see the pictures and other posts of our friends on Facebook then we naturally hunted by jealousy and stress of mind. He further said that we have not to use Facebook every time. but we have to give limited on it. Because of social media and Facebook, peoples are got unhappy and they are habited like jealousy and stress of mind and etc.
The recent research from university of Copenhagen told that, who people which take a break one week from social media and from Facebook that people live their life happier and successfully

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