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Convert YouTube videos in Animated Gif

In 1987 CompuServe was introduced Gif file format. Now day with the help of this file we can convert videos into Gif image. There are many software and online website for convert videos into Gif.

But if I ask you which is most popular website of video sharing.

Then I am totally sure that your answerer must be….

Because in these day YouTube is most popular website of video sharing.
To converting YouTube video to gif there is very and very easy method to do that where you have to some change in URL that’s all.

There many method to do that but first method is under below:

First play your video on YouTube which you want to convert.

After that in URL bar just write “gif” before “YouTube”.
Mean something like that:


and then click enter.

After that new window will be open where you have to select 15 seconds of video.

After selecting of video portion then click on “create gif”.

Then gif file is ready and you can share with anyone.

Now the second method is under below:

You can also convert YouTube videos to gif from this website “”.

First in text field you have to write URL of video which you want to convert and then click to “continue”.

Then select starting time to ending time and then click on “create gif”

After that gif created and on right click, click on “Open Image in New Tab”

 Then you can able to save or share with you friends.

Thanks very much and don’t miss to comment on this article and if you have any query about this mention it below.

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