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Mobilink Jazz 4G LTE Packages 2017 – Daily, 3 Days, Weekly and Monthly

Mobilink Jazz Daily 4G Packages:

  • Daily Social.
  • Daily Browser.

Daily Social:

  • Subscribers can activate this daily bundle by dialing *114*5# and press call button.
  • Consumers receive 30 MBs incentive for using WhatsApp and Facebook.
  • The charges of this bundle are RS 5.0 plus tax.
  • The validity of this feature is for one day (24 hours).
  • Consumers can check status of this bundle by dialing *114*5*2#.

Daily Browser:

  • Consumers can activate this bundle by dialing *117*11# and then press call button.
  • Users get 50 MBs volume for using internet service.
  • The charges of this feature are RS 12.00 plus tax.
  • The validity of this bundle is for one day (24 hours).
  • Subscribers can check status of this feature by dialing *117*11*2#.

Mobilink Jazz 3 Days 4G Package:

  • Users can subscribe this feature by dialing *117*1# and press call button.
  • Consumers receive 100 MBs volume for using speedy 4G internet service.
  • The charges for using this offer are RS 20.00 plus tax.
  • The validity to use this feature is for 3 days.
  • Users can get status details of this bundle by dialing *117*1*2#.

Mobilink Jazz Weekly 4G Packages:

  • Weekly Extreme.
  • Weekly Premium.
  • Weekly Streamer.
  • Weekly Browser.
 Weekly ExtremeWeekly PremiumWeekly StreamerWeekly Browser
Activation Code117*14#117*47#*117*7#*117*77#
Bundle1500 MBs1000 MBs500 MBs for internet and 200 MBs for FB and WhatsApp.1500 MBs
ChargesRS 70 plus tax.RS 110 plus tax.RS 75 plus tax.RS 160 plus tax
ValidityOne Week.One Week.One Week.One Week.
Status Code*117*14*2#*117*47*2#*117*7*2#*117*77*2#
Other InfoUsed between 2 AM to 2 PM only   

Mobilink Jazz Monthly 4G Packages:

 Monthly BrowserMonthly StreamerMonthly PremiumMonthly Supreme
Activation Code*117*77#*117*31#*117*30#*117*32#
Bundle1500 MBs.3 GB.6 GB.8 GB.
ChargesRS 160 plus tax.RS 250 plus tax.RS 500 plus tax.RS 800 plus tax.
ValidityOne Month.One Month.One MonthOne Month.
Status Code*117*77*2#*117*31*2#*117*30*2#*117*32*2#
Other Info    

Further Information:

  • All the prepaid subscribers of this telecommunication all these 4G packages.
  • There are no hidden charges for using these bundles.
  • This network keeps rights to DE-activate any bundle at any time without being informed of its users.
  • This telecommunication reserves authority for changing incentives of any feature at any time without being updated of its consumers.
  • Subscribers can use other Mobilink 3G packages with these 4G internet facilities.

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